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Project WIZ


After a couple of days in discussion and some hours chatting on skype, we decided to move forward with our newest idea/project called (for now) “Project WIZ”, of course this is still on the making and a rough, very rough project.

The game itself will be a third person multiplayer game for PC, where players take the role of different kind of wizards with the ability to manipulate, shape and create the basic elements of nature at their will. The spell system will be very dynamic and realistic (as possible), which means, we will try to make sense on any attack and create a realistic damage.

And that”s all we can tell you (for now). Above you can see the first sketch of one of our wizards, I personally love it and we’re very excited about this project. We know this will be full of challenges and shenanigans, but we’re gonna be doing what we really like and since we’re gamers we’ll make sure this is the perfect game for all of you.

Also, quick announcement: We have decided to stop making mobile games for now, it’s been three years since we founded this company just to realize that mobile games are getting harder and harder to monetize and advertise. The cost per user acquisition has increased to the point that only the big companies with enough money can get the users, or at least the best propaganda.

We started this company with the dream of publishing innovative and great games for PC and console (as the gamers we have been since we were kids), and we just realized that we were just playing the lottery with this mobile games trend, trying to get one piece of that giant cake, burning ourselves and forgetting what we truly wanted to be. It’s not that we didn’t pour enough love into the mobile games we made, we actually did, a lot, so much that when we see our games installed for a couple of hours (maybe days) and then be discarded as if it was nothing, just crushed more our dreams and even friendship.

So, lets be clear again: Our goal is that our games stay in the minds of the gamers that really care about it, to maintain our dreams up and keep making something we truly want.

Anyways, we hope you get to follow PROJECT WIZ until the end, any feedback is more than welcome!

First question: what do you think about our first character?

Published by: Juan Camilo