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Project HE: Dev 1

Indie studios tend to have a lot of crazy ideas that sometimes lead them to do absolutely nothing at the end. We fell into that mistake for a long time even knowing that it was happening to us too (apart from doing third party jobs, outsourcing, etc.).
Three months ago we sat down and talked about the future of our small company, about the projects, capabilities, and goals.
Our goal has been obvious from the beginning and hasn’t changed at all; we want to make videogames for PC and consoles.
We reviewed each of our projects and asked ourselves a few questions: What kind of game we wanted to make as our first PC game?, Which of our projects would we be able to create as a small team?

After a long time debating about this, we concluded that we saw Level Plus’ first game as a horror multiplayer videogame. That’s why we started over Project HE, but, this time, with our team stronger and more focused. This project will allow us to express ourselves in a very artistic way while implementing great immersive gameplay mechanics, there’s no going back anymore, this project it’s ON.

Project HE or Project Happy Ending, it’s a Third Person Survival Horror multiplayer game for PC, which combines the basic elements of a survival game like hunger and thirst with the psychological elements of a horror game. We’re focusing on making the best horror experience in a multiplayer environment.

On the narrative side, the game will feature different characters, a group of friends who decided to go camping into the woods just to realize in the next morning that the forest has somehow changed and there’s no way out of it.

The game implements a day/night cycle system that will allow players to scavenge and explore. Meanwhile, at night, they will need to find shelter and hide, in case that is not a possibility, praying would be the last resource. No human is allowed to survive the creatures who lives through the vast darkness of the forest.

Players will have a sanity meter that will represent their psychological state or mental health. This state will increase or decrease by how well-fed you are and how many injuries you’ve gotten while surviving; making you, sometimes, hear noises, illusions and become unstable by other ghostly appearances.

Anyways, enough talk for today, let’s end this post by showing you two renders of one of our creatures in-game, and a video showing off some features we already implemented in Unreal Engine 4. We’ll keep you updated with our project.



Thanks for reading.

Published by: Juan Camilo