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Project HE: Dev 4

Hello again, this post is dedicated to the technical stuff, that means, my job :D

In this past month, I started working on the character’s Breathing System, a component of the Fear System.

Now, while being scared, your heartbeat will increase together with your breathing. This will generate noises caused by you which will set in motion any creature around to track you down. This is where the Breathing System will come in handy.


By holding down a key, you will begin to hold your breathing, that way you won’t make any noise. This will give you an opportunity to sneak away from danger. Keep in mind that if you hold your breath for too long, you will become breathless and thus, cause noise.

After the Breathing System, I started working on the Awareness System. This component of the game will work as a sixth sense for your character. Our team argued about this for a while, discussing if we should warn our players about threats. So, we came up with this idea of warning the players in an indirect way, how? Well, first we decided to add a vibration effect on the camera and the game-pad (if you’re using one). This will give you the sensation of chills down your spine, thus represent the first sign of danger.

The second sign of danger is cold. Our character will start to feel cold and you will be able to see your breath:


We’re still planning other warning methods, but keep in mind that these will only work on how you play. You will be responsible of how aware you are, which is defined by your character’s sanity level. There will be another factors in the game that will alter your Awareness System but let’s leave it as that for now.

After that, I created the Visibility System that shows how visible you are to other entities. This is a system where depending on where your standing point is, it will vary your visibility. For example, if you are standing on a rock, you will be easy to see. But, if you are behind a bush it will be harder to see you. So beware and use the environment as an advantage:


The last system I worked on at the end of November and the start of December was the Trading system. For now, it’s going to be more like a Giving system, for instance if you are close to a friend you can give an item from your inventory. For this system, you can use the same controls of your inventory menu.



And guess what? we now have animations for our stealth movement :D


Anyways, for the rest I’ve just been tweaking here and there on the AI for the creatures. I’ve been playing with the gamepad’s buttons mapping and the Inventory UI to work with it. The multiplayer functionality is coming along side to side with the other Systems too.

So, that’s my post about the technical side, no video for now. The next video will take a while, I want to include some of the actual characters on the upcoming video.

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Published by: Juan Camilo