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Project HE: Dev 3

Hi folks, as promised, today I bring you another character. This one is a ghost we call the “Grieving Mistress” also modeled by our artist Mario.

The first time you meet this lady you will think “what’s this beautiful lady doing out here?”, she seems harmless but you will probably regret meeting her later on.


The Grieving Mistress is the mourning ghost of a young lady who once was married with a psychopath who got her pregnant. The stories tell her husband murdered her thinking she had cheated on him and therefore he wasn’t the father. That’s all I can tell about her story right now.


In game you will find her standing still somewhere in the woods; once you find her she will take a like on you, following you anywhere and stopping at a very close distance to stare at you while your sanity levels go down faster than usual, and not only you; all your friends near her will be affected as well. I also can’t tell you more about what happens next, but just a warn, try to keep your sanity up.

In the next post we will talk about the technical stuff we’ve done so far, so stay in touch for more and thanks whoever is reading this :)

Remember to share and comment what you think about the Grieving Mistress.


Published by: Juan Camilo