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Project HE: Dev 2

So, you probably thought we had abandoned this project already ha!, we’re definitely NOT.

We’ve been working very hard on “Project HE”, but with our small team we can’t be posting all the time, that being said, we’re going to be posting what we have so far from this past month, and post it in small updates along this week.

Now, to the good part, today we got you a new creature that our fellow Mario has modeled from the depths of his mind.


WARNING: The following paragraph & images are not for everyone, it contains detailed information/pictures that may cause discomfort.


There, you were warned!


This creature or as we call it: the “Agonizing Child”, is a small boy (probably around eight y/o) who was brutally tortured and left behind with his eyes sewed. All of his senses had failed save one; the pain remained on every piece of metal bar that pierced his body. This creature won’t be able to see you in game, he will guide himself by any sound you make and if he senses you, he could probably jump on you or try to stab you with one large spike that comes out from his hands.

Also, be warned that this creature could also show up suddenly around you in a group, this event will challenge your stealth skills while you keep your character calmed against fear.


Agonizing Child Small

That’s it for the Agonizing Child for now, we’re still planning his animations for movement and all that stuff ;) , we’ll keep you updated on this one when we have more to show.

Stay in touch for more posts this week and comment what you think about this creature.


Published by: Juan Camilo